Press Release: Dave Labowitz appears on The Entrepreneur MBA Podcast

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The Entrepreneur MBA Podcast


August 8, 2021

Angel and VC Funding For Small Businesses: What Will They Look For? Featuring Dave Labowitz on The Entrepreneur MBA Podcast

Listen to the Podcast or read the summary by clicking here: Angel and VC Funding For Small Businesses

Summary:  Early-stage startup business owners typically have a dream or an idea that they can not support with their own money. An angel investor could get a business the funds it needs to expand and excel in the market. However, there are a lot of factors to consider when deciding to pursue an angel funder or venture capitalist. Planning out these requirements in advance will allow for a smooth journey with these accredited investors.

 About the guest, Dave Labowitz

Dave is a four-time small business executive, helping 3 of those businesses exit successfully while the fourth business is still going strong. Dave’s role in each one of these companies was to be the right-hand executive to the CEO. Along the way, Dave has helped raise over $12 million in equity and debt financing. Now Dave helps pre-entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, and team leaders start, scale, and lead their businesses and teams. His career started with a small VC firm’s portfolio companies, with future opportunities coming through the networking he did along the way.

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