Leadership vs Management: A picture of sculpture of two metal faces, facing each other, two feet apart. From Medford, England. In this case, the faces are to represent Leadership and Management.

Leadership vs Management: Jekyll and Hyde? Or Yin and Yang?

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Leadership vs management… what’s the difference? If you Google it you’ll find a host of articles painting “management” as the shadowy underbelly of leadership done poorly and putting “leadership” on a worship-worthy pedestal. Is “leadership” the Dr. Jekyll to “management’s” Mr. Hyde? Or are these comparisons unfair? If you buy into leadership vs management as a light vs dark paradigm, …

The word "f*ck" in large, black letters on a white background.

Breaking the F Barrier: How Cursing at Work can Build Connection with Your Team

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One of our junior technicians was looking at me nervously. He had probably been expecting one of the managers to review his proposal to tweak our workflow. Instead, somehow I, the VP, Operations, had gotten a hold of it. I finished my read through and looked up at him, grinning. “This is some fucking great work,” I announced. His face …

A cartoon of two figures shouting at each other and waving their arms, clearly very angry. The thought bubble over both of their heads reads, "MY WORDS CAME OUT FINE! THEY WERE PROCESSED INCORRECTLY BY YOUR BRAIN!!!"

Would You Like to Eliminate Miscommunication in Your Business?

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Have you ever wished you could eliminate miscommunication in your business? I have. When miscommunication rears its head, failure tends to follow. This can include screw-ups like building the wrong thing for a client, setting incorrect expectations which lead to a missed deadline, or one of your team members wasting time doing work that isn’t want you were asking for …

A partial-team photo of the 2017 Philadelphia Eagles. The players are obviously having fun.

15 Business Lessons You Can Learn from the 2017 Philadelphia Eagles

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As Super Bowl LII approaches, most people agree there is something special about the 2017 Philadelphia Eagles team. Some describe it as a sense of destiny, others have pointed out the team’s chemistry. But what is truly different and special about the team this year? As a lifelong fan, I thought it through and came up with a surprisingly extensive …

Screen shot from Karate Kid of Daniel-son and Mr. Miyagi. Miyagi is handing Daniel-son the sponge with which to "wax on, wax off". Image is symbolic of self discipline.

How to Hack Self-Discipline

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Self-discipline is like a muscle: the more you use it, the stronger it gets and the more you’ll be able to accomplish when you flex it. Getting into the habit of exercising self-discipline regularly will help you line up your behavior with your values, leading to greater happiness and more accomplishments. However, there will always be moments when engaging your …

Cartoon-style graphic of an employee, sitting in front of his desk. His arms are raised triumphantly in the air and there is money showering down around him. In this context, this is a well paid employee!

Top 12 Reasons to Pay At or Above Market Rate Salaries

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One of the companies where I worked as an executive was a private equity-owned turnaround. When the PE company was initially evaluating buying the business, one of the things that came to light in due diligence was that the company paid salaries significantly below market rates. In a financial review of the company’s income statement, this was viewed as an …