“The good news about entrepreneurship is that your fate is in your hands.
The bad news is that your fate is in your hands!”Guy Kawasaki

The entrepreneurial journey is exciting, empowering, fun and freeing. Along the way, though, it will inevitably also be scary, challenging, and stressful. There’s nowhere to hide when you’re leading a company, and the high stakes of entrepreneurship have a tendency to magnify our successes and failures.

As the senior leader, ultimately, there’s no one in your organization you can discuss certain issues with. Having a business coach gives you a person to rely on when you need to sort out a difficult issue, a well of business experience to draw on, and someone to help you find your best answers when you’re confused.

You have the internal resources to go it alone, but why make it harder on yourself? The world’s best performers, from Bill Gates to Michael Jordan, attribute a lot of their success to having great coaches. Between a decade building startup companies and over 700 hours training on leadership and personal growth I am uniquely positioned to help you find your optimal path.

My business coaching is most appropriate for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs or CEOs of companies up to about fifty employees. If you’re a senior leader in a larger organization, please visit my Leadership Coaching section.

Some example topics for business coaching:

  • How to create a conscious and intentional office culture
  • Optimize an investor pitch before presenting it
  • Review hiring criteria and interview questions before hiring a new employee
  • Rehearse a challenging conversation with a customer, vendor, partner or employee
  • Discuss a business or product line strategy
  • Identify the best metrics to define success for one of your teams
  • Get re-centered and fire up your passion after a moment of upset
  • Get your business scalable before rapid growth
  • Discuss priorities so the right things are getting resources
  • Application of lean/agile techniques to reduce risk and improve customer feedback loop

What’s YOUR mission? Let me help you figure it out!

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