A picture of a dartboard with three darts sticking out of it. One is in the bulls-eye, the other two are a little bit outside the bulls-eye.

Target Market vs. Customer Avatar – Which should you focus on?

Dave Labowitz Scale, Start

Target market or ideal customer avatar (ICA)? Which makes more sense for your business? The answer is simple. It’s both! Target markets and customer avatars work together synergistically. Almost everyone is familiar with the target market approach, probably because it’s impossible to advertise without one. The odd thing, however, is how few people have actually been exposed to the reasons …

A picture of the Colosseum in Rome from the outside. In this case, the picture is symbolic of committing to something 100%: of being the "man in the arena."

The Top 10 Reasons to Commit 100% to Your Goals

Dave Labowitz Personal Growth, Scale, Start

A common topic that comes up for entrepreneurs during coaching is whether or not they’re committing 100% to their company and goals. From the outside this is counterintuitive. It seems that entrepreneurs commit 100%, just by nature of being entrepreneurs! In reality, though, commitment level fluctuates up and down over time. At times they’re more or less committed to their …